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Eliza Havering. Ch.5.


I followed her along the corridor and down the stairs. My mind was still buzzing with the thrill of what had just happened. My hand still tingled from the feel of the flogger sweeping through the air and hitting tender flesh and my ears were still occupied with the muffled cries and sobs. I felt alive and that I should not, and I knew it was wrong, but I was filled with new and exciting sensations. As I walked down the stairs, I was mesmerised by Eliza’s shapely figure in front of me. That skin-tight leotard displayed all her charms. The way it was cut very narrow at the hip accentuated her bo… 続きを読む

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Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 91


When cheerleading practice was over, Ana still had a lot of energy, so she hung around the gym shooting baskets. She was a pretty good player, had played a lot with her brothers, but hadn’t picked up a ball lately. She had just thrown up an airball when one of the members of the girls’ basketball team arrived early for practice. “Nice form, cheerleader,” sneered the girl. Ana glanced over at her; she was small but athletic-looking, with her long black hair tied back in a ponytail, wearing a number 23 jersey. Ana had seen her around but never really paid attention to her before. Ana retrieved… 続きを読む

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Dinner, cooking optional


The bottle of red wine on the table, the pasta plates, that will be a nice evening. Nils said he was going to cook. Nothing fancy, but nice, and there will be enough time for adult fun tonight. Lots of. The doorbell. Finally! Lena happily goes to answer the door, checking her appearance while passing the mirror. Hot! The tight dress, in the right light all but translucent, otherwise a bright orange, revealing nothing, showing everything. Her firm boobs, that ass (as he likes to call it), even emphasized by Lena wairing high heels. Which also does wonders to her calves. He does like them. She w… 続きを読む

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I Love to Lick a Woman's Big Butthole


I am obsessed with women's buttholes. I love looking at a woman's butthole, inhaling the musty and sensuous scent combined with the aroma of her pussy, and most of all I love eating out a woman who's spreading her butt cheeks for me and opening up and flexing her loose, wide-open asshole. For me, it performing my nasty brand of analingus is even more intimate and exciting than anal intercourse, which I also enjoy when it happens. when it happens, but licking, sucking, and tongue fucking a woman's hot, nasty, spread open butthole is my favorite sex act by far. Think about it, I am licking and… 続きを読む

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An Anal Shop Treat


Lyn was a tiny thin girl 5 years my junior, with tiny B cup titties. She had a smile that would melt you heart and a body that would fill you with desire. I used to work alongside Lyn in a factory setting but it wasn’t long before with both parted our separate ways in work but still kept in touch as friends. It was so nice to be able to visit her most days on the way home from my job in her new place of work as a manager and single employee of and emporium. Well a shop that sold odds and ends, from pencil to dildos, and from washing liquid to birthday cars. We had already developed a good and… 続きを読む

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Cute Flabby Nurse Aid by fbailey


As an outside contractor I am used to not being trusted and working in a nursing home was not so much different. I had a job to do and needed to be everywhere…literally. So the administrator gave me a bodyguard. She was just there to see to it that I didn’t steal anything too big or expensive and that I didn’t m***** any of the sexy senior citizens…as if that would happen. Kimberly was a cute but flabby Certified Nurse Aid. She had a round face, a bit of a belly, and an ass that rolled around in her white nurse uniform pants. Everyone wore the same thin white pants with a variety of colored t… 続きを読む

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Up-Skirt Cutie by fbailey


I was looking in the Yahoo Groups when I found a picture of an “Up-Skirt Cutie” that I knew. No shit! It’s the woman at the bank that waits on me all the time. I always get in her line and she saves me a roll of the latest State or Territorial Quarter or the latest Presidential Dollar that has come out. We make small talk and she has the sweetest smile in the world. She is middle age maybe in her early forties, slightly heavy, but a pleasure to be around. Occasionally she will show some nice cleavage, talk about her teenage daughter going off to college, and how lonely she will be. Other than… 続きを読む

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NEVER TELL ANYONE another true story Some time back, a few months ago actually, I got a request via a swingers site from a guy. He told me his GF wanted to experience her pussy being licked and the cum licked out of her WHILE he was still in her fucking! I told him the basics of what we were to do, as he had never done this nor had she. He agreed and we set up a time and place to meet and I arrived a few minutes early. I parked and soon they drove up, said hi and confirmed who they were. We all rode togher. We arrived at one of their friends place and she went to the bathroom to get ready.… 続きを読む

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Morning on Sussex Downs


It was a lovely spring morning, the sun had just risen above the horizon, and she was driving home after a 10 hour night shift. At this time of year the Downs looked stunning and as the traffic at this time was virtually non existent she was able to take her time and appreciate nature. Pulling over into a small cutting she left the car and went to lean on the five bar gate, the field in front of her was full of sheep and frolicking lambs, she saw a fox in the distance and in a further field there was a bull who was happily serving an early breakfast to a willing herd of cows. He was in Heaven… 続きを読む

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Freeze Your Under Arrest


John Parker was a Sargent and 20-year veteran of the Gomer police department. His wife of 22 years Betty was a nurse at a small hospital in a well to do area of town. They have a daugther Alice that was in her second year of college. John had thought he had a good no great marrage until three years ago. Even in her mid-forty’s Betty was a still a very beautiful woman but about three years ago she felt she needed a “tune up”. Working in an upscale hospital there was no shortage of plastic surgeons willing to “tune up” Betty pro-bono! Shortly after her “tune up” Betty changed, she started wor… 続きを読む

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Camping guest...2


..Danielle then gave me an amazing blowjob, and afterwards told me that Debbie was lucky, since Danielle's husband would never eat her after fucking. I told her that Debbie and I had talked about a threesonecwith her, but wanted to wait till after the house sold before approaching that subject with her. She laughed, and said that she had made a pass at Debbie, but Debbie didn't seem interested. I told her that if I hadn't been turned on by watching her, then I probably wouldn't have joined her. We cleaned up a bit, then went to the hot tub for awhile. Danielle proceeded to sit on my lap, and a… 続きを読む

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Three Fucks


Three Fucks Not much else to do during the Covid doldrums except think about some old times. Here are three episodes where I picked up a guy and then either took him to my home or went to his for a fuck. The first, as I recall was during a Saturday home football game at the local university. Once the game started the rest of campus became relatively inactive. I was around, though, so I sought out one of the on-campus tearooms expecting it to be totally empty, but it wasn’t. One stall was occupied so I went in the neighboring one. Pretty soon things advanced from foot tapping to quick glances… 続きを読む

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What A Summer by fbailey


My friend Jimmy and I were riding our bikes out of town to a creek where we liked to fish. We were finally out of school for the summer and all of our parents worked, giving us all the time in the world to fish. When we got there we were disappointed to see someone else there fishing already. As we approached we realized that it was a lady and that she was wearing a pair of cut off blue jean shorts that showed the bottom of her butt cheeks and a cut off T-shirt. As we got closer she heard us and turned around to look at us. Her T-shirt was so short that we could see the under part of her hang… 続きを読む

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Tricking Dad


Brian was watching TV with his dad when a group of girls in bikinis came up on the screen. Tom glanced over at his 18 year old son with a smile. "There's some hotties for you son," he said. "Nah, I kinda like bigger boobs on girls," Brian muttered. "You don't say. Well, nothing wrong with that." "I guess that makes two of us, huh dad?" Brian asked. "Oh, you think so?" Tom said with a chuckle. "Well, Mom has big boobs...REALLY big, so you must like 'em too," Brian said. "Yeah, uh...your mom's are pretty big," Tom said, feeding his son a weird look. "They're always so warm and soft. It's… 続きを読む

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Two Pregnant Women by fbailey


I was trying not to listen to them as they talked, I had my headset was on, and I was playing my new video game. Then something happened and the game paused cutting off the sound. That was how I accidentally heard Mom and Aunt Jane say that if I were just a year older that they would let me fuck them. What! I could not believe what I had just heard. Besides they were both pregnant and didn’t that mean that they were already getting enough sex. I decided to leave my video game on pause so that I could continue to listen to them talk but I pretended to still be playing my game. Mom was complai… 続きを読む

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Mistis' Adventures Part 221 (Cont.)


Floyd went on, "All last night, when I spoke to them, they either gave me a dirty look, like they were asking me, "How DARE you have the nerve to speak to us?" or just grunted, by way of an answer. Mama said that when she pissed them off, they do her the same way. SHE just laughs at them." Christine turned to look at him. "If WE did OUR Mama like that she gave us the dirtiest jobs she could find at the time. WE LEARNED THAT SHE PLAYS DIRTY!!!" Pam added, "We have the cleanest chicken coop in the state. We either were told to clean it, or to go out and clear brush, BY HAND!!" Maria laughed. "M… 続きを読む

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Now a bull- my first stag vixen threesome


My introduction to the world of swinging actually started with a change of circumstances- working away from home for long periods of time. So whereas engagement with swinging sites earlier had been largely academic due to lack of freedom to meet (married and wife unaware), suddenly I was away from home a number of nights a week and left to my own devices. I embraced the sites with alacrity imagining that one ad would have women queuing at my door. Like all excited men joining those sites I soon discovered that men outnumber women probably 10 to one, and with so few women about getting chattin… 続きを読む

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The Neighbor Computer Tech by fbailey


She was crying when she knocked on my door. I recognized her as the woman from next door so I opened my door and invited her in. Between the sobbing and the crocodile tears she managed to tell me that she had broken her husband’s computer and that he would kill her. She begged me to fix it for her. I told her that I would have a look at it. She also said that if he ever found out that I had touched his precious computer that he would kill me too. I was not impressed at all. I didn’t even like the guy. We had words when I first moved in about everything from mowing the lawn and trash to parking… 続きを読む

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The Return to the Adult Nudist Campground Part #1


Hi. My name is Bruce. I am black male, 6'0", 240, nice build, shaved head, 9.5" thick cock with huge heavy balls. This story in a sequel to another story (Adult Nudest Camp). The first story ended with me a two of the lady campers ending the season with them leaving their husbands and the three of us living in my house fucking each other silly everyday. We had such a great time camping there that I was going to books us there for next summer. It was then that I found out that the place was put up for sale. The girls, Bonnie and Julie were out for the day shopping. When they came home I was si… 続きを読む

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I Love Panties by fbailey


I love panties. What I actually mean to say is that I love to see panties on girls or women. Hell, I love to smell them too if I can get the chance that is. One Saturday I was in the biggest shopping mall in town. I was sitting on a bench tucked in between two potted shrubs. I was in the perfect position to watch the girls go up the escalator. On occasion I could even see a hint of panty on a girl. I had my cell phone out and ready to capture the moment. I had obtained two pictures. One was of a young mother with her small c***d. She held onto its hand but in that position she was bent slight… 続きを読む

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